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ADE Power - Vitamin Powder Supplement

Vitamin A, D3 and E deficiency affects all vital functions of the animal organism and, consequently, significantly decreases the productivity of the entire herd. ADE POWER is indicated to prevent and correct the deficiencies of these vitamins, being, therefore, essential for the maintenance of the integrity of the tissues and the productive characteristics. For cattle, ADE POWER must be used in he phases in which food supplementation is necessary, especially in the dry season.

Way of use

ADE POWER can be mixed in the feed (concentrate) or salt.

Food: Mix 300 to 600 g (2 to 4 measures) per ton of food.

Mineralized common salt: Mix 1.5 to 2.0 kg of ADE POWER in 25 kg of salt.

Always keep the mixture available to animals.

Warranty levels per kg of product

Vitamin A  12.000.000 U.I.
Vitamin D3  3.000.000 U.I.
Vitamin E  6.000 U.I.
B.H.T. 0,125 g


Plastic buckets of 20 kg, 10 kg and 1 kg.