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Biosacch TR - Probiotic thermostable additive for cattle

BIOSACCH TR PROBIÓTICO is a heat-resistant probiotic additive indicated for cattle. The product contributes to the balance of the ruminal and intestinal microbiota.

Way of use

Include in the formulation of bran or granulated feed for cattle, an amount sufficient to guarantee the consumption of 2 to 10 g of BIOSACCH TR - POWDER FOR LIVESTOCK per animal, daily or at the discretion of the responsible technician.

Warranty levels per kg of product

Bacillus cereus var. toyoi 4,0x10¹² UFC
Bacillus subtilis 4,0x10¹² UFC
Saccharomyces cerevisiae 2,0x10¹² UFC


25 kg and 10 kg bags.