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DBA Probiótico Concentrado - Probiotic Food Additive

DBA PROBIÓTICO CONCENTRADO has a positive effect on the microbiota of the digestive tract of poultry, improving the digestion and absorption of food nutrients, providing better zootechnical indices. Continuous use promotes early onset and keeps the intestinal microbiota balanced.

Way of use

Mix DBA PROBIÓTICO CONCENTRADO - BIRD POWDER in the proportion of 100 to 200 g/ton of food. Provide the mixture to the poultry, continuously and at will.

Warranty levels per kg of product

Lactobacillus acidophillus 3,5x10¹² UFC
Enterococcus faecium 3,5x10¹² UFC
Bifidobacterium bifidum 3,5x10¹² UFC


25 kg and 10 kg cubes.