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DBR Probiótico Concentrado - Probiotic Food Additive

DBR PROBIÓTICO CONCENTRADO - LIVESTOCK POWDER is a product indicated to assist in the replacement of ruminal and intestinal microbiota. The continuous use of the product maintains and anticipates the installation of intestinal and rumen microbiota, keeping them balanced.

Way of use

Include in the formulation of products intended for feeding cattle, an amount sufficient to guarantee the consumption of 1 to 5 g/animal/day or according to the criteria of the responsible technician.

Warranty levels per kg of product

Ruminobacter amylophilum 6,0x10¹¹ UFC
Ruminobacter succinogenes 6,0x10¹¹ UFC
Succinovibrio dextrinosolvens 8,8x10¹¹ UFC
Bacillus cereus  7,0x10¹¹ UFC
Lactobacillus acidophilus 7,0x10¹¹ UFC
Enterococcus faecium 7,0x10¹¹ UFC


25 kg and 10 kg bags.