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Ectomeve Sabonete - Ectoparasiticide soap for dogs and cats

ECTOMEVE SABONETE ECTOPARASITICIDE is a double action product for cleaning dogs and cats. Fights fleas, lice and ticks, in addition to deodorant action.

Way of use

Topical use Wet the animal, starting from the head to the tail. Soak well, massage and let the foam act for 3 minutes. Rinse with plenty of water. It can be used up to twice a week.


To avoid reinfestations and effectively control ectoparasites, it is also important to treat the environment in which dogs and cats live with IMETOX.

Composition - Each 100 g contains

Permethrin 1,00 g
Triclosan 1,00 g
Piperonyl butoxide 1,00 g
Neutral soap q.s.p. 100 g


Shipping box with 48 units of 80 g.