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Ectomeve Shampoo - Ectoparasiticide shampoo for dogs and cats

ECTOMEVE SHAMPOO ECTOPARASITICIDE is effective in the treatment of dogs and cats parasitized by fleas, ticks, lice and mange (Ctenocephalides canis, C. felis, Rhipicephalus sanguineus, Trichodectes canis, Sarcoptes, Psoroptes and Demodex). The synergy between the pyrethroid and piperonyl butoxide increases the ectoparasiticidal effect of the product. Eliminates the characteristic odors of the animal, replacing them with a soft and discreet perfume.

Way of use

When bathing, with wet hair, apply an amount of ECTOMEVE SHAMPOO ECTOPARASITICIDE proportional to the size of the animal. Massage well and make the product reach the most parasitized body regions (ears, external genital tract, tail, etc.). Leave the product (foam) to act for a few minutes and rinse with running water. Detangle the hair and dry it in the sun.

Composition - Every 100 mL contains

Triclosan 0,05 g
Permethrin 1,20 g
Piperonyl butoxide 1,00 g
Vehicle q.s.p. 100 mL


Shipping boxes with 2 bottles of 5.000 mL and 12 bottles of 250 mL.