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Prob TR Aqua - Probiotic Thermostable Additive

PROB TR AQUA - POWDER AND SHRIMP POWDER is a probiotic additive composed of bacteria of the genus Bacillus, alive and protected in lyophilized form. The product helps improve the balance of the aquatic environment and also the balance of the intestinal microbiota of fish and shrimp.

Way of use

Apply 500 g to 2 kg of product in each tank and/or nursery for every 10.000 m³ of water. The product supply can be modified as directed by the responsible technician.

Warranty levels per kg of product

Bacilus cereus var. toyoi 4,0x10¹¹ UFC
Bacillus subtilis 4,0x10¹¹ UFC


25 kg and 10 kg bucket.