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Rumen Sacch - Vitamin Powder Supplement

RUMEN SACCH is an association of probiotics and vitamins that complement the bovine diet. The product is indicated to meet the organic needs of vitamins A, D3 and E in the different diets of cattle, helping in all the vital functions of the animal organism. Enriched with probiotics, it helps anticipate the installation and replace the ruminal and intestinal microbiota, keeping them balanced.

Way of use

Mix 2 kg of the product in a ton of food or 500 g to 1 kg in 25 kg of mineral supplement. Supply the obtained mixture (food or supplement) to the cattle, keeping it available to the animals continuously and at will, during all the phases of creation.

Individual Doses

Cattle: From 2 to 5 g/animal/day.

Dairy cattle: From 2 to 10 g/animal/day. Doses may be changed at the discretion of the responsible technician.

Warranty levels per kg of product

Ruminobacter amylophilum 3,0 x 10¹¹ UFC
Ruminobacter succinogenes 3,0 x 10¹¹ UFC
Bacillus cereus 3,5 x 10¹¹ UFC
Enterococcus faecium 3,5 x 10¹¹ UFC
Lactobacillus acidophilus 3,5 x 10¹¹ UFC
Succinovibrio dextrinosolvens 4,4 x 10¹¹ UFC
Saccharomyces cerevisiae 2,0 x 10¹¹ UFC
Vitamin A 6.000.000 UI
Vitamin D3  600.000 UI
Vitamin E  6.000 UI


5 kg and 1 kg buckets and 25 kg and 10 kg bags.