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Ivermeve 1% - Injectable endectocide

IVERMEVE 1% INJECTABLE is an endectocide for the treatment and control of internal and external bovine parasites. It has a broad spectrum of action. It is indicated for the treatment and control of pulmonary verminosis (Dictycaulus viviparus) and gastrointestinal nematodes: Ostertagia, Haemonchus, Trichostrongylus, Cooperia, Strongyloides, Nematodirus, Oesophagostomun, Trichuris, Bunostomum, Gaigeria, Neoascarisis, Chabertia, Treatment and control of infections by Dermatobia hominis (Bernavis), Chorioptes bobier, Sarorio, Chorioptestesi, Chorioptestes, Chorioptes (scabies), lice and also helps in the control of the tick (Boophilus microplus). It is an adjuvant in the control of cutaneous myiasis (insects caused by cochliomyia hominivorax fly larvae), when administered as a preventative.

Way of use

Apply only subcutaneously, at a dose of 1 mL per 50 kg of body weight, as shown in the following table:

Service Table:

Weight (kg) Volume (mL)
50 1
100 2
200 4
300 6
400 8
500 10
600 12

Note: Doses equivalent to 200 µg of Ivermectin per kg of body weight.

Composition - Every 100 mL contains

Ivermectina 1,0 g
Vehicle q.s.p. 100 mL


6 vials of 500 mL and 12 vials of 200 mL.